An authentic mix of warmth, humor, suspense, and family drama, Are You My Mother? is a page-turner that follows a young woman as she uncovers the truth about her family and her own identity. This entertaining book has unexpected twists, and yet the characters are familiar and relatable like old friends—I found pieces of myself and my own story in these pages. A beautiful balance of human fragility and the power of God’s grace makes this story a must-read.
Are You My Mother? captivated from the first word to the very last. C.H. Avosa’s story simultaneously explores some of the most complex issues of our time—DNA testing, race, and adoption, while taking us on Sol’s journey of coming to terms with her identity. Instantly connecting to unforgettable characters and complex family ties—the difficult decisions each character faced became my own personal dilemmas. Avosa’s one-of-a-kind story will resonate universally, because who doesn’t have a complicated family history? I absolutely adored this book!
—Ashley Timsuren
Thought provoking & enjoyable read! Absolutely loved this book! C.H. Avosa developed multidimensional characters, and I still think about them... and wonder what's going to happen next. Real & honest discussions about race, marital status, friendships, family, and a few complicated relationships... I could identify with quite a bit, there is breadth and depth in the pages... learned a lot, AND got a literary tour of a few cities (Baltimore, MD especially - now i know the best place to go for a great crab cake!) Bought a copy for both me & my mom... after buying realized book club discussion Qs included(!) Planning to reread soon.